THIS WEEK! – Priscilla Queen Of The Desert

Today was Get In day for A Chocolate Theatre Company at Swindon Arts Centre for their production of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert directed by Mikayla Ballard-Kearns. It is running from Wednesday – Saturday this week and it’s going to be insane! I watched this afternoons rehearsals and the singing is sounding absolutely awesome with amazing harmonies coming from the 4 Diva’s; Louise Van Der Watt, Lisa Aust, Mairi-Claire and Rhiannon Eve Lewis as well as the 3 leading men themselves; Steve Huggins, Ryan Nash (Boo Gatti) and Andrew Johnson.

As I am unfortunately not performing in this one, I am happy to now be part of the team selling programmes in a fairly Priscilla like way! (You have to attend to find out exactly what I mean).

Don’t miss this awesome show, come along for an evening of laughter, glitter, colour and music! There are only a few tickets left for Wednesday, so grab them here while you can!- 



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