Second night success!

They usually say the second night of a show is a bit of a let down as you’ve managed to get through opening night and then the energy drops, but NOT for the cast of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert this evening! The sold out audience absolutely loved the show this evening and the atmosphere that was created between the cast and the audience was one that left me feeling emotional! (Yes, I am a silly soppy so I apologise). The moment the 4 Diva’s entered the stage I felt a whoosh of energy and the theatre was filled with joy and excitement.

People were singing along and dancing in their seats from the off and there were many whoops and rapturous applause’ after all the musical numbers.

Musical Director Nat Amour said this evening that she actually had a tear in her eye during the finale of the show as the whole audience were singing and clapping along with the cast, she just feels so proud of everyone for pulling off this incredible show.

I have only been present at rehearsals and the shows since Sunday and since then this show has come on a tremendous amount and I thought it was brilliant 5 days ago! The pride the production team are feeling from the success of this show so far is so heartwarming and the whole cast and company are literally like one big theatre family and the love and support for each other is so nice to see. I feel so welcomed by everyone even though I most likely just get in the way (apologies to all the girls in the girls dressing room!) and am only selling programmes (in a very tall way..).


I can honestly say that I prefer to be up on the stage, but watching and seeing a show progress is also something I’m beginning to love! I think I feel as much pride as the rest of the production team over the success of this show and I haven’t done anything to contribute to it being the way it is. I am so proud of each and every one of you Priscilla cast – keep getting more extravagant and wowing the audiences – tomorrow night i’m actually watching properly with the ticket I brought months ago and I can say that I’ll be dancing and singing along again for sure, roll on night 3!

So much love, glitter and stuff, Em xxx

Divas; Mairi-Claire Connor Gornall, Louise Van Der Watt, Lisa Aust and Rhiannon Eve Lewis and Queens; Andrew Johnson, Boo Gatti and Steve Huggins – Photo credit to Pete Dewhirst.

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