The journey so far 🇬🇷

On Saturday 8th July I was driven to Stansted airport to meet up with the rest of the StiltsPRO team. We had a little while to wait for our check in time which seemed to take forever. Once checked in we downed a bottle of polish vodka before heading through security. Obviously I set the metal detector off due to the amount of piercings I have in my ears, but the scanner also detected metal in my knees..I haven’t had my knees replaced yet hmmm haha. My bag also set something off in the convierbelt and the security staff had a right giggle looking through my bag to find my packed lunch for when we got to Turkey.

Once through security we had an hours wait until the flight. Myself and Sophie decided to get a Burger King to keep us going, I was starting to flag by this point and thought Burger King at 11pm was most amazing idea..

We finally got called to the gate and then we had to wait again to board the plane, making our leaving time slightly later. Whilst waiting we befriended a Greek guy called Alex who happened to study an MA at RADA and knows someone who was in a show with Sophie and Lauren last week, what are the odds?!

We got onto the plane and I felt like a kiddie at Christmas, having not flown for 10 years the feeling of take off was awesome! I forgot how exhilarating it is and the feeling of your tummy turning as you go up. I started to drift off to sleep when suddenly I looked round to see that Elliot had been sick all over himself! Damn all that polish vodka and duty free rum..I that I was going to add to the vomit but luckily as he sorted himself out I fell back to sleep but couldn’t get comfortable.

When approaching Instanbul I saw the sun rising over the sea and it was incredibly beautiful. Orange/pink reflecting off of the water, it looked like the opening of the Lion King.

Sunday 9th July – we arrived in Instanbul for a 10 hour wait..yes, the things you do to get cheaper flights (£500 off per person in fact!) we had to wait until 16.25pm their time for our connecting flight to Athens. It was a very loongggggg dull wait, duty free wasn’t massive and I’d spotted a pair of minion Havaianas for €15 which in the end I didn’t buy and am now somewhat regretting. My phone had no service and the ‘free wifi’ wasn’t in fact free so I was phone less! Shock horror hahhaa but I coped, not a bad thing for me really!

Instead of the Havaianas I got a Victoria Secret body spray for €3.50, bargain if you ask me and will most likely come in handy! I sat watching the planes take off and land and got frustrated with the constant Turkish airport tannoy which was then repeated in English. It was only 10.30am at that point so we still had 5 hours and 25mins to go.

So, that Burger King that I thought was the most amazing idea..I ended up having acid reflux from hell and felt like I was going to vomit and I stupidly left my heartburn tablets in my hold luggage. Luckily we have Liam with us who is yoga and natural remedies guru and he gave me some yoga moves to do to help relieve it slightly. We finally got on the plane to Athens at 16.25.

I still have no phone service but there is wifi in the apartment, my phone just obviously doesn’t like being abroad hahaa. On our arrival into Athens the lady who’s apartment we’re staying in met us and gave us directions for the metro! So I can now say I’ve travelled by Greek metro, was certainly interesting with all of our stilts!

Once out of the metro we had to walk 3 blocks (streets basically, we’re not in New York) to the apartment, outside of which looks a bit daunting, but inside is cosy and comfortable.

We ventured out for some dinner, I had Giros, so basically a Greek kebab – I was stuffed! We also got made to have ouzo..blergh too much like sambucca for me. Finally got back to the room for a well earned sleep.

This morning (Monday 10th July) I woke up to the smell of coffee and breakfast courteousy of Liam and Sophie who had been up a lot earlier than the rest of us and went got food supplies! Liam also whacked out his natural remedy of turmeric water to help my stomach..hmm hahaa bearable but not the best thing ever. Lauren and Laura have now arrived and we are getting ready to head out and explore for the day! 

Watch this space 🇬🇷


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