Flying Seagulls are off! 

So carrying on from where I left my last post:

Lauren and Laura joined us at the apartment and we made a homemade Greek salad before heading out into Athens which was lovely. 
We ventured out into the afternoon heat, I have no idea how hot it was but I was certainly melting! We walked up by the Acropolis and got some group photos, we did want to walk up to the actual Acropolis but it was €20 each and we decided that was €20 we could spend on alcohol..after some photos we headed back down into Athens where we had a drink at a cafe where I ended up having a nap!! The girl who could once deal with heat was certainly struggling! We then headed back to the apartment before heading out to meet the Flying Seagull team who we are working with for the next 3 days, 2 of which happen to be East15 graduates, one being a Worldie and the other a physie, What a small world!

They are all so lovely and genuine and are full of energy and it’s been great working with them today (Tuesday 11th July). 

This morning Liam and Sophie cooked breakiee again and managed to find some vanilla filled pastry thing which was delicious and Liam made something with potatoes, egg, onions and mushrooms which was also delicous! It should have had bacon in it but with so many veggies in the group it was easier to take it out. 

We also found our first COCKROACH today!! Well, Liam and Sophie did haha, it was placed in a bag and disposed of outside.

Myself, lauren, Sophie and Aida went costume hunting this morning which was successful, we now have colourful shorts and stripy tops!

We met up with the lovely Kiara on our way to our first performance which was for refugees squatting in a hotel which they have taken over. The children were so excited when we arrived, their faces lit up and they all loved the show. Some get distracted easily and some just want to sit on your lap and hug you constantly which is difficult as for safeguarding reasons we can’t allow them to do it, we have to acknowledge it then get them to carry on watching. It’s somewhat sad that that’s all some of them want, some attention and love.

Seeing the faces of the parents seeing their children enjoying themselves is also so uplifting. What these families have been through is so tragic and us providing some fun and entertainment for the children for just an hour really makes a difference to their day.

Kiara took me to a phone shop and we managed to solve the problem as to why I have no service – thank you 3 for not enabling my phone to be used abroad!! Hopefully all should be sorted now.

We made another homemade Greek salad which was again lovely and I ended up having a siesta on the floor! When did I suddenly become a person who naps?! We then got ready for our second performance which was for refugees who are squaring in what was once possibly a school. Again as we entered the children were ecstatic. They’re used to the other Flying Seagull members going in on a daily basis so when they saw them their faces lit up and they came running over for hugs and high fives. They all loved getting involved in the games and you could sense that when it was time for us to leave they didn’t want us to go. We will see them all again tomorrow for more games and fun.

This evening kiaras mum got us some lovely ice creams which were lush! Aida cooked dinner and now Liam is dishing out massages!

Today has been so rewarding and we get to do it all over again tomorrow!

Peace out from Greece 🇬🇷


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