Off to Ioannina ðŸ‡¬ðŸ‡·ðŸš—

Today we are leaving Athens and heading for the refugee camps in Ioannina! We have one more performance to do here in Athens then we have a 5 hour drive to our new location for the final 4 nights. We’ve had a lovely few days performing with some lovely members of The flying seagull project for children in the squats and slums around Athens, it’s definitely been eye opening.

Yesterday we had 3 performances, 2 of which were different locations to the first day. The first one was quite small and very hot! We had a child who didn’t speak but he got involved and enjoyed himself nonetheless.

When doing this kind of work energy is a key factor and when it’s so hot and you haven’t got much access to water when on a job it’s sometimes incredibly hard to push through, especially when you’re in a costume that covers your whole body, but it’s a small price to pay.

We did a game called Magic box with the children at the first 2 locations today – an imaginary box that they take something out of, so like an improvisation game. At the second location some of the parents even got involved which was really nice to see. At The last 2 locations we got on our stilts and danced, the children loved it! The last location was a public area so it was absolutely heaving and there were people everywhere! We all felt like celebrities leaving one of their concerts at the end as we had to make a very swift exit!

Excited to see what the last few days of this trip bring, I can’t really sum up my emotions yet, but seeing children so happy and excited on our arrival is one of the most heartwarming things and as Sophie says:

 “The best payment is a smile”.


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