New found milkshake love

I can’t believe I forgot to write a crappy post about this.

So, those of you who read my blog from the other week about my McDonald’s milkshake and food fiasco will understand my upset and frustration.

Ever since that day I have been absolutely hankering for a VANILLA McDonald’s milkshake (no, I’m not pregnant *haha*). Last Thursday when en route to a clients house for a set of nails I thought “I’m going to get this effjng milkshake and today is going to be the day”.

I stopped off at ASDA and went up to the McDonald’s and politely asked for a vanilla milkshake, only to be told that the machine would be ready in 30 minutes. 30 MINUTES. The gentleman behind the till could obviously see my upset and proceeded to offer me another iced drink. I politely refused and left (crying inside). Maybe McDonald’s we’re trying to tell me something, who knows.

However! I have found an alternative! BURGER KING VANILLA MILKSHAKE IS THE WAY TO GO PEOPLE!

En route to our final dress rehearsal of The Full Monty on Tuesday evening myself and Lou stopped off at Burger King – genuinely just for milkshake purposes. I was in heaven, a vanilla milkshake that actually tastes of vanilla! McDonald’s…up ya bum!

However the service in Cirencester Burger King lacks the fast of “Fast Food”. We were in there 20 minutes. No joke. 20 minutes to get 2 milkshakes, a wrap meal and some chilli cheese bites (which Lou had to ask the man for as they were sitting sadly in the heated slider waiting for him to hand them over). I thought we’d never leave.

But yeah, Burger King milkshakes are a go! Woo!


Aldi halloumi fries expectation vs reality

So a few weeks back Aldi launched their halloumi fries and it was plastered all over social media and I was one of the millions who was totally buzzing about this.

I actually remember going into Aldi with my mum the day after they’d been launched and searching hi and low through all the freezers for the bloody things, but no such luck, I thought we’d all been mugged off.

One afternoon after finishing work I was bored, so decided to drive around ALL (but one) of the Aldi’s in Swindon in hope of finding some..

I was greeted with this in EVERY STORE.

I was giving up hope, I thought I’d never get my hands on these things then..MUM FOUND SOME!

The excitement was real, but we were having something else for dinner that night so they were bunged in the freezer up until now.

So today, I was working until 8pm and I suddenly remembered that they were sat waiting in the freezer. I got home, pre-heated the oven and got them out “serves 3”..

REALLY?!?! I’m not even joking, this is the ENTIRE packet – that serves 3, apparently. I ate the whole lot. The whole 3 person serving. As you can see it’s most definitely the correct amount for 3 people.

Anyway, regardless of this monstrosity they were bloody lush (yes I literally had a plate of these for dinner, don’t judge) and I’m sure they will be purchased again.

Happy Friday folks ✌🏼

All I wanted was a McDonalds breakiee

Well for a start I can’t quite believe that the current East15 third years have just graduated, meaning I graduated ONE YEAR AGO ALREADY! How has a year passed already?! Like seriously!

Today I had pretty much my first audition since graduating, so 1 in an entire year! Not going to lie, I was absolutely shitting myself. Audition’s don’t get easier and as I sat there watching the others being called in trying to work out if they were going in alphabetical order or not, I thought “What the hell have I done with myself in the past year?!” – by the way, they weren’t calling us in alphabetical order, I was third from last, I have no idea what their call system was.

It felt so nice to be back in a drama school setting seeing as my audition was at Rose Bruford, however upon my arrival I obviously reported to the main reception, as you would, only to be told that it was in another section of the college which was a 10 minute walk away through the park, past the leisure centre, under a bridge and next to a Costa and not in the complex itself. I’d literally just driven past here! I was still early so all was well, although I was absolutely dying for a McDonalds breakfast and was hoping to get one en route, but that changed when I was stuck in gridlocked traffic for 45 mins when I was only 5 minutes away from where I needed to be (or where I thought I needed to be!). Had my email specified the exact location I definitely could have hunted down a McDonalds for a sausage and egg bagel meal (drooling).

By the time I got to where I needed to be it was about 9.05am so I was still 25 minutes early, I clocked some other auditionees and we chatted whilst waiting in an area that was literally like a greenhouse and I thought I was going to seriously perspire – I don’t think that makes sense but I’m knackered and you get the jist.

We were finally called through and then the waiting began, meaning me feeling like I was going to vomit everywhere grew stronger and stronger. Words of wisdom from the best friend were enough to make me laugh “BREATHE”, “Stop spakkering” and “Should have grabbed a banana” – which Lou was very right! I most definitely should have seeing as my McDonalds breakfast went to pot!

I eventually went in, my Lorax monologue went down a storm and so did my song “Two Legs” from Disenchanted (NEXT WEEK AT SWINDON ARTS CENTRE GRAB YOUR TICKETS PEOPLE!, followed by my mainly improvised dance.

We were then told to come back for 12, so once again I got my hopes up and thought I’d go and treat myself to a Costa, but due to the building being secured and everyone needing a fob to get in and out, I couldn’t go anywhere, so I settled for my protein bar, crisps and water – I know how to live.

The workshop was good fun and it was nice to do some of the exercises we did daily at East15. However improvisation games were never my favourite and this is what the workshop consisted of, envisaging a chair as various objects was one of the exercises – I straddled it and pretended I was horse riding, yeah, you can imagine what that looked like, but it was too late, classic Baker.

The audition was all finished and I needed to get petrol so I thought I’d try again with McDonalds – vanilla milkshake, what could go wrong?! I got my petrol then went up to the drive through and ordered my vanilla milkshake, I was literally dying for the diabetic fatty crappy goodness that was coming my way, only to stick the straw in and find that IT TASTED LIKE BANANA – absolutely GUTTED. I let it melt the entire way home and then dumped it in the bin, £1.69 well spent. I should have got a frappe, next time Em.

Finally got home and now to wait and see the outcome. But for now I really can’t wait for a soak in the bath and my bed – morning people, fair play to you – me on a 4.30am start just doesn’t work.

Do reindeers even like carrots?

WE DID IT! This morning myself and Louise completed the Reindeer Run and I am so happy and proud of us! Considering I haven’t run in nearly 2 weeks and Lou having had (and still has) a cold from hell, hasn’t been able to run much either, I think we did awesome. Yes we had to walk some of the route, but WHO CARES?! We did it and that’s all that matters! And saying all that we still did it in around 37 minutes.

There was something quite funny about seeing a sea of red antlers bobbing up and down and the few that had been thrown aside as people had obviously given up trying to run with them on (which I felt like for most of the way round!).

I really didn’t care how long it took us. Today was about getting out there, having a laugh, doing it together whilst running in aid of a good cause and trying to raise a bit of money (whilst thinking we were reindeer)..

There’s still time for you to donate if you wish to – it’s all in aid of raising funds to build a radiotherapy unit in Swindon to save Swindon cancer patients having to travel elsewhere for treatment (on top of being seriously ill) – so maybe just give that a little thought – the link to our fundraising page is here –

Oh and the best part was, apparently the carrot we were meant to chase..didn’t even make it over the finish line first!

Thank you to my lovely mum for coming and supporting us both and snapping a few photos – Lou – we should be so proud! Well done crazieee xxx

On the hunt for a carrot

So myself and my wonderful best friend have just signed up for the REINDEER RUN!

We have to chase a carrot from Coate Water to the Great Western Hospital, whatever, it’ll be a laugh to say the least! However this event has been created for a specific reason;

Great Western Hospital are trying to raise funds to build a radiotherapy unit within GWH to save Swindon cancer patients travelling on average 2,500 miles each to receive essential radiotherapy treatment.

When I first heard about this run I just thought it’d be a laugh to do and something to work towards seeing as we were both training with the C25K programme, however when I actually came to signing up and saw the reason behind it, I didn’t have to think twice about paying £10.60. After this year I am even more supportive of this horrible illness and therefore £10.60 is nothing.

I’m not going to ramble on about how awful and upsetting cancer is or how much we miss my grandma every day, instead I’m going to go and run with my best friend and have a giggle (possibly dressed up as a reindeer) whilst we raise funds to help provide a unit for cancer sufferers going through radiotherapy in Swindon.

I know Christmas is coming and times are always a bit tight money wise and so many of you donated to my cancer research page earlier this year which was in aid of my grandma, but here is a new fundraising page where all donations will go straight towards the Bright Futures Radiotherapy Appeal – – Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

My grandma wouldn’t have received radiotherapy treatment, but I’m still doing this in memory of her, as well as a personal achievement for myself.

Last thing to say is, hard work pays off. 10 weeks ago myself and Lou could barely think about running 10 minutes non stop. Now we’re going to go and chase a bloody carrot around coate! Happy days!

Don’t be a Bah Humbug

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!! – yes, I know we’re still in October..(just)

Anyway, what are you all doing on November 23rd-25th?! Why don’t you get tickets to come and watch A Christmas Carol performed by A Chocolate Theatre! Tickets are £15 and are available from (just click the link!)

We will be performing at the Citifaith Church 38-40 Regent Street, SN1 1JL (or as I like to say, above the Savoy pub!)

Come and join us for a family classic Christmas story featuring the man himself, Ebeneezer Scrooge played by Steve Huggins, along with the comedy duo Mrs Filch and Mrs Dilber played by Louise van der Watt and Annie Morcombe. Have a dance with Mr and Mrs Fezziwig played by Paul and Lisa Aust and take a look into Scrooge’s past, present and future with the ghosts played by Ian Laurie, David Lound and Bob Linnegar. And of course the Cratchit family will be present too, showing everybody the true meaning of Christmas.

It may seem a little early for some, but start your festivities early and get into the Christmas spirit! 🙂



So i’m sitting here on the sofa in front of the telly writing this in my NYC t-shirt (exciting stuff right). The other day one of my wonderful E15 friends wrote a blog entry about her feelings since graduating from drama school and what she wrote is exactly how I’ve been feeling as well.

I think there has been almost too much pressure put on us since graduating. Like why aren’t we all gracing West End stages or Hollywood screens right now?! Well yeah, it doesn’t happen like that unfortunately. Since graduating I have got an agent, been to a couple of auditions, all of which I can count on one hand and been given a few offers (which is better than nothing) and started a new job which has nothing to do with acting whatsoever. Do I enjoy it? Well..the new job novelty has worn off, but its a job and at the end of the day its allowing me to put money aside for other things.

That feeling of failure is constantly whirling around my head – am I doing enough? Well maybe not right at this moment, but sometimes taking a step back and taking a breath is also good. Currently I’m battling with a stupid lack of self confidence which is totally and utterly stupid, but it happens to all of us. I don’t want sympathy, I need a smack really (£1 a slap..).

It has become incredibly obvious to me why most people give up the acting career. It is hard. Auditions are nerve wracking and somewhat demoralizing no matter how many you go to. A couple of weeks ago I auditioned for Disenchanted, in front of a group of people I know and am friends with, yet I still felt like I was going to vomit and my throat went so dry I didn’t think i’d be able to sing at all. And that was just for a local am dram show, so pro auditions are 10 times worse (for me anyway).

Some of you may have been following on facebook that myself and my awesome best friend Louise are doing the couch to 5k. Well we’ve just completed week 6 – a 22 minute run without stopping. Now this may seem like a piece of piss to most people, but 6 weeks ago the thought of running 3 minutes non stop filled me with dread. Anyway where i’m going with this part of my random post is the ability to have a positive mental attitude and will power. When I finished my run today I felt so awesome and proud of myself for actually doing it. I could have easily stopped and walked, but didn’t. That voice which continuously tells you to stop gets pushed aside and you somehow prove to your mind and body that “I CAN DO THIS”.

What i’m trying to say is, positive mental attitude is so important. Those times when I think i’m crap, i’m a failure, I can’t get any work, is acting really worth it? Well no, i’m not crap, no i’m not a failure, it’s not that I can’t get work – its the typical industry and i’ve got to fight for it and is acting really worth it? Of course it bloody well is Baker. I aid all of you to find the positive side to everything. I do believe everything happens for a reason and even though the acting career is going incredibly slow at the moment,  I know something will suddenly come up when I least expect it.

For now i’m just going to enjoy the ride of life and see what happens. Continuing to be positive and happy (although we can’t always be happy, i like a good cry hahhaa).

Keep striving and chasing your dream – Happy Saturday xx


Back from the land of Ouzo!

Firstly apologies for not updating you all since Thursday. It appears that my phone provider are actually crap so I had no service and very limited access to wifi so was unable to post anything until now!

Well what an incredible 10 days it has been. So many emotions!

On Thursday before heading to Ioannina we had one last performance with the seagulls Wolfy, Yahoo, Beckie and Bridget where we did parachute games which the children loved. We all had a €1 falafel wrap to fuel us for the journey. I also tried a Freddo cappuccino with the full amount of coffee and actually liked it! #CoffeeLoverInTheMaking.

It took us about 6 hours to get to Ioannina and upon our arrival our new Flying Seagull friends had cooked an incredibly yummy buffet dinner consisting of Greek salads and an amazing tzatziki! The view from the Seagull house was absolutely incredible, so tranquil and secluded. We were literally in the middle of no where, it was gorgeous.

View from the Flying Seagull house in Ioannina.

We were briefed about the following 3 days to come which made us all incredibly excited and we got told we were going to be taken swimming which I couldn’t wait for!

On Friday I woke to the sounds of the puppies (yes, the seagull house had somehow accumulated puppies by accident and they were full of cuteness).


Some of us also did a 20 minute workout which was ace – I realised how unfit I am..I also had an English cuppa with my breakie and this made me incredibly happy seeing as little miss teapot here hadn’t had one for nearly a week – I was in fact having withdrawal symptoms.

We went to two different camps on Friday, one of which twice. The seagulls had erected a Big Top tent at one so when they went for the sessions, both them and the children had somewhere outside in the shade. To celebrate the new Big Top tent we threw a party in the evening for the children which they all absolutely loved. They took over the sound system within the first 20 minutes and Lauren and Sophie somehow got the kids lining up to do limbo! I had a sudden moment during the party where I felt so overwhelmed with everything that we were doing. The children were so happy from just a simple set up of games and music, something we’re used to. Seeing them having fun and letting off steam was such an awesome thing to witness.

Sadly Liam, Laura, Charley and Maria headed home on Saturday, so Friday evening we were introduced to the Flying Seagull circle of praise. I’m just going to leave that there..

On Saturday we went to a camp that hadn’t had any Flying Seagull interaction since new families had arrived, so there was total excitement when we arrived. We did a shorter session out in the direct sun so it was extremely hot! The second camp we went to had the treat of learning trapeze and stilts. The children’s faces when seeing the trapeze was amazing, I was so excited for them I nearly face planted the floor from my stilts! How I managed to save myself I have no idea (Thank you Aida!).

We finally got to go swimming in a mountain river which was gorgeous! We climbed up to the waterfall plunge pool too which was incredible! The water was fresh mountain water so was slightly chilly but it was so hot you hardly noticed.

We headed to the final camp of the day where we did a juggling workshop with the kids = CHAOS! but they loved it and that’s all that matters. We stopped off at a shop for some food supplies and I ended up buying a packet of Cheetos with the free tattoo in it as you can’t seem to buy them in the UK anymore and I was feeling like a big kid. I also had  a white kinder bueno which felt like such a luxury

We stopped off for a drink at a bar overlooking the lake which was lovely as the sun began to set. Saturday was also the day my stomach decided to go awol..those of you who know me will understand hahaha…

EGG SUNDAY! Our final day in Greece. Yes egg Sunday means eggs for breakiee and they were bloody lush. The first camp of the day was filled with the fun of a bouncy castle – it was full on! Sectioning the children into different age groups to try and keep some form of safety was a challenge, but yet again the kids loved it and it gave us all a workout!

When you think of Greece you think its just sunny 24/7, well…we had a massive storm with thunder and lightening and therefore we did cinema at the second camp and watched Kung Fu Panda 2 in Arabic..that was interesting hahaa. This camp is the one I will remember the most because of some of the children there and because of the amount of time we spent there.

We went to the final camp of the day and the trip and the kids were so interactive and focused with the juggling and other games it was brilliant. Such a good session to end on.

One of the new volunteers Marco had arrived when we got back and he’d been cycling for 5 days from Italy to get to Ioannina! Dedication or what?!

The storm was still going on into the evening, the thunder was soooo loud. Our final dinner was fajitas with halloumi, need I say more?! We once again did the praise circle and so many lovely things were said about each other and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go on this trip – Thank you to our fearless leader Piotr for actually seeing this trip through, its been incredible.

Sunday’s in the Flying Seagull house is also known as “piss up Sunday” so it got to 3.10am and we ended up jamming in the kitchen and deciding to do acro..after a whole bottle of wine my face says it all..I look like something out of Chicken Run.

Monday was flying home day and we didn’t rise until 1pm, oops! We had a 3 hour drive to the airport from Ioannina and once there I ended up purchasing the crappiest most overpriced sausage roll ever – never again hahaa.

Now I’m back home, back to work and reality. This trip has made me appreciate absolutely everything and I am seriously so thankful to have been a part of this trip and those children’s lives for a week. Thank you to the Flying Seagulls for having us, both in Athens and Ioannina – I’m sure our paths will cross again sometime soon.

All that’s left to say is:

“Love love love love love”


Off to Ioannina 🇬🇷🚗

Today we are leaving Athens and heading for the refugee camps in Ioannina! We have one more performance to do here in Athens then we have a 5 hour drive to our new location for the final 4 nights. We’ve had a lovely few days performing with some lovely members of The flying seagull project for children in the squats and slums around Athens, it’s definitely been eye opening.

Yesterday we had 3 performances, 2 of which were different locations to the first day. The first one was quite small and very hot! We had a child who didn’t speak but he got involved and enjoyed himself nonetheless.

When doing this kind of work energy is a key factor and when it’s so hot and you haven’t got much access to water when on a job it’s sometimes incredibly hard to push through, especially when you’re in a costume that covers your whole body, but it’s a small price to pay.

We did a game called Magic box with the children at the first 2 locations today – an imaginary box that they take something out of, so like an improvisation game. At the second location some of the parents even got involved which was really nice to see. At The last 2 locations we got on our stilts and danced, the children loved it! The last location was a public area so it was absolutely heaving and there were people everywhere! We all felt like celebrities leaving one of their concerts at the end as we had to make a very swift exit!

Excited to see what the last few days of this trip bring, I can’t really sum up my emotions yet, but seeing children so happy and excited on our arrival is one of the most heartwarming things and as Sophie says:

 “The best payment is a smile”.

Flying Seagulls are off! 

So carrying on from where I left my last post:

Lauren and Laura joined us at the apartment and we made a homemade Greek salad before heading out into Athens which was lovely. 
We ventured out into the afternoon heat, I have no idea how hot it was but I was certainly melting! We walked up by the Acropolis and got some group photos, we did want to walk up to the actual Acropolis but it was €20 each and we decided that was €20 we could spend on alcohol..after some photos we headed back down into Athens where we had a drink at a cafe where I ended up having a nap!! The girl who could once deal with heat was certainly struggling! We then headed back to the apartment before heading out to meet the Flying Seagull team who we are working with for the next 3 days, 2 of which happen to be East15 graduates, one being a Worldie and the other a physie, What a small world!

They are all so lovely and genuine and are full of energy and it’s been great working with them today (Tuesday 11th July). 

This morning Liam and Sophie cooked breakiee again and managed to find some vanilla filled pastry thing which was delicious and Liam made something with potatoes, egg, onions and mushrooms which was also delicous! It should have had bacon in it but with so many veggies in the group it was easier to take it out. 

We also found our first COCKROACH today!! Well, Liam and Sophie did haha, it was placed in a bag and disposed of outside.

Myself, lauren, Sophie and Aida went costume hunting this morning which was successful, we now have colourful shorts and stripy tops!

We met up with the lovely Kiara on our way to our first performance which was for refugees squatting in a hotel which they have taken over. The children were so excited when we arrived, their faces lit up and they all loved the show. Some get distracted easily and some just want to sit on your lap and hug you constantly which is difficult as for safeguarding reasons we can’t allow them to do it, we have to acknowledge it then get them to carry on watching. It’s somewhat sad that that’s all some of them want, some attention and love.

Seeing the faces of the parents seeing their children enjoying themselves is also so uplifting. What these families have been through is so tragic and us providing some fun and entertainment for the children for just an hour really makes a difference to their day.

Kiara took me to a phone shop and we managed to solve the problem as to why I have no service – thank you 3 for not enabling my phone to be used abroad!! Hopefully all should be sorted now.

We made another homemade Greek salad which was again lovely and I ended up having a siesta on the floor! When did I suddenly become a person who naps?! We then got ready for our second performance which was for refugees who are squaring in what was once possibly a school. Again as we entered the children were ecstatic. They’re used to the other Flying Seagull members going in on a daily basis so when they saw them their faces lit up and they came running over for hugs and high fives. They all loved getting involved in the games and you could sense that when it was time for us to leave they didn’t want us to go. We will see them all again tomorrow for more games and fun.

This evening kiaras mum got us some lovely ice creams which were lush! Aida cooked dinner and now Liam is dishing out massages!

Today has been so rewarding and we get to do it all over again tomorrow!

Peace out from Greece 🇬🇷